New Hampshire updates SIX notices!!!!

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New Hampshire’s Department of Labor has been busy.  While it is noteworthy to mention that SIX of their required notices have been updated (July 2017), the two notices that are prompting a mandatory update is to the Protective Legislation Law and Equal Pay notices.  The updated Protective Legislation Law notice updates the payment schedule to specify weekly or biweekly basis.  Under the new law, every employer must pay all wages due to an employee at regular intervals not to exceed 14 days, except when permitted to pay wages less frequently as authorized by the state labor commissioner under state law.   The revised Equal Pay notice updates the contact e-mail address.  All other notices were updated with the new Labor Commissioner, Ken Merrifield.

This is a mandatory change and an updated New Hampshire state poster is required.

New Hampshire Poster Quick Facts:

  • Poster Size: 20 x 28
  • Number of Notices on Poster = 9
    • Protective Legislation Law
    • Unemployment Insurance
    • Minimum Wage
    • Right to Know
    • Criteria to Establish Employee
    • Equal Pay Act
    • Public Accommodation Discr.
    • Whistleblowers’ Protection Act
    • Employment Discrimination